Wibe proudly presents the first ultrasonic straw cleaner, for clean drinks in a sustainable lifestyle.

The ultrasonic straw cleaner is the first of its kind, that enables automatic and effective batch cleaning of straws, something which cannot be achieved with conventional diswashers.

You may choose to purchase or rent the machine.

The rental option has a 6 month minimum contract period, and a security deposit of 1500 kr. (excl. Tax/VAT) which will be added during checkout.

See terms and conditions for more details.

Estimated delivery time is 2 weeks.

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Technical details

Wibe has developed the world’s first plug n’ play product that quickly and effectively cleans reusable glass straws.

The solution helps restaurant, hotels and bars get rid of disposable straws and switch to better, high quality reusable straws.

The cleaning method is based on ultrasonic technology where millions of sound induced bubbles scrub the straws clean both inside and outside, something which is not feasible with conventional dishwashers.

Finally, there is an option to serve delicious drinks with luxurious straws and at the same time avoid the extensive waste from disposable solutions.


1. The cleaner is plug n' play and requires no installation, just a wall plug.
2. The ultrasonic effect cleans both inside and outside through cavitation
3. The process has a documented cleaning effect
4. The kettle holds up to 50 straws in one 15 minutes wash cycle
5. The kettle requires only tap water and the wibe ultrasonic soap

Power supply: 220-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 600W
Dimensions: 275 x 138 x 386 [L x W x H]
Weight: 3.6 kg (total),
1.9 kg (base), 1.7 kg (kettle)
Capacity: 0.9 L
Noise emission: <70 dBA


designed to fit

The Wibe cleaner follows the classic scandinavian design language.

It’s slick, reduced and casual.


easy to use

As a plug n' play product, the handling is almost self-explanatory.

Tap water, soap and one button makes the cleaning process both easy and effective.


manufactured in denmark

Wibe is based in Denmark and so is the development of the Wibe cleaner.

Supervising the on site manufacturing gives the guarantee of its quality.

the starter pack

1 ultrasonic straw cleaner

500 logo straws

6 ultrasonic soaps

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ultrasonic soap

Learn more about the ultrasonic soap and its mandatory product connection.

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