Let your guests enjoy drinks with exclusive glass straws, endless times

wibe for good

The first drinking straw cleaner, enabling easy cleaning of straws by using ultrasonic technology. For an ethical living and a sustainable lifestyle.


straws for good

The straws vary in diameter and length. Find your colour and size to match your business, specific drinks or just your taste.


easy to use

As a plug n' play product, the handling is almost self-explanatory.

Tap water, soap and one button makes the cleaning process both easy and effective.


clean pleasure

There is not much more to say. Enjoy your drinks while reducing waste. Enjoy the taste of the drink itself without the additional note of single use alternatives. No compromises. Straws for good.

happy clients

"We are so happy with our wibe straws, they are easy to handle and are often complemented by our guest."

"On top of that we reduce waste of 30.000 single use straws every year."

- Vivi, Daily Manager

"We need delicate straws for our delicate cocktails and our guests love them"

- Alba Grant, Manager

the starter pack

1 ultrasonic straw cleaner

500 logo straws

6 ultrasonic soaps

get the start package and get 10% discount

With the cleaner, the soap and the custom logo straws you have everything you need to get started.

Get 10% discound by buying it as a bundle.

You only need to select your favorite straw color.

ultrasonic cleaner

Discover more details and purchase the ultrasonic cleaner.

ultrasonic soap

Learn more about the ultrasonic soap and its mandatory product connection.

custom logo straw set

The custom logo straws come in a variety of colours and sizes. Discover the range and find the perfect fit.

standard straw set

The standard straws come in a variety of colours and sizes. Discover the range and find the perfect fit.

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