The straws comes with your custom logo. Find the straw colour and size to match your business, specific drinks or just your taste.

Wibe straws are approved for long-lasting ultrasonic cleaning and a proven cleaning process.

You will be asked to upload your custom logo file at checkout. You will be provided with a rendering of the final straw for your approval, before production is started.

Straws are not recommended for children under the age of 6. Childeren should always be under supervision when using straws.

When choosing custom logo straws there is minimum combined order size of 10 sets (500 units). You may combine different straw types and colors to reach the minimum order size.

Estimated delivery time for custom products is 4 weeks.

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technical details

The straws vary in diameter (d) and length (L) to match specific drinks.

    • cocktail short (L: 150mm, d: Ø7mm):
      Suited best for delicate cocktails
      served in rocks, martini and margarita glasses. It also fits wine glasses perfectly.
    • regular short (L: 150mm, d: Ø8mm):
      Suited best for rocks and other low glasses. It also fits wine glasses perfectly.
    • regular long (L: 200mm, d: Ø8mm):
      Suited best for soft drinks and cocktails served in highball or collins glasses.
    • smoothie long (L: 200mm, d: Ø9mm):
      Suited best for milkshakes and smoothies.

the starter pack

1 ultrasonic straw cleaner

500 custom straws

6 ultrasonic soaps

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You only need to select your favorite straw color.

ultrasonic straw cleaner

Discover more details and purchase the ultrasonic cleaner.

ultrasonic soap

Learn more about the ultrasonic soap and its mandatory product connection.

standard straw sets

The standard straws come in a variety of colours and sizes. Discover the range and find the perfect fit.