"They look so much better than single use straws
and they are super pleasant to drink of ..."

"The cleaner makes the straws easy to clean and reuse and the Sokkelund logo on the straw is super elegant''

- Morten Gregersen, Owner

Burger Garage

See how Wibe helped Burger Garage on Vesterbro switch to delicate glass straws and avoid the waste of up to 30.000 disposable straws a year.


‘We need delicate straws for our delicate cocktails and our guests love them’

- Alba Grant, Manager

the starter pack

1 ultrasonic straw cleaner

500 logo straws

6 ultrasonic soaps

get the start package and get 10% discount

With the cleaner, the soap and the custom logo straws you have everything you need to get started.

Get 10% discound by buying it as a bundle.

You only need to select your favorite straw color.

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